Kashieca was first established in 1988 by sisters Karen, Shiela, and Camille Santos, hence the name. For 17 long years, it had become a fashion brand synonymous with classic styles for the young female professionals, young mothers and the chic twenty-something aside from its core popularity: reasonably-priced colorful knit tees that proved to be an instant hit with students.

In 2004, Kashieca had undergone an overhaul when it became a member of the Suyen Corporation family. True to the creator’s creed, the classic styles that had made it popular in the 80s and 90s were retained, but given an extra twist. The straight lines, tailored cut and seamless couture had been updated with feminine details such as a ruffled seam, a detailed stitching, an added button, mix-matched cuffs, even eyelet lace add a flair to what might just appear, at first glance, your typical office white long-sleeved. You can simply go from office to weekend in this more youth-oriented design direction.

From the first step within the stores’ open doors, feel yourself transported to a carefree time in your life as personal mementos found its way in the boudoir-like interior, reminding you of the simplicity of life, youth, and what it means to be feminine. The clothes not only look, feel, and are stylish, they also bring to mind images of happy times with girlfriends, simply lounging and hanging around on a lazy Saturday morning, dressing up for a night out in town, a nervous first date, bicycle rides, walks on the beach, holding hands with that special someone as the sun begins to set… the list goes on and on. And Kashieca proves to be more than a fashion icon, the ultimate style counselor, but your very best friend.